Technical Writing : The ClearPoint Advantage

Clear. Concise. Complete. That’s all your technical documentation needs to be. But that’s no easy feat.

With a Master’s degree in English and over 20 years’ experience as a technical writer for software companies in the mortgage industry, I’ve written API specifications, user guides, online help, policies and procedures, and business proposals. I’ve managed documentation projects from start to finish, including gathering requirements, interviewing subject-matter experts, coordinating document reviews, and publishing entire suites of documentation—on time, and on budget.

But a lot of technical writers could do that for you, right? So what separates me from them? One thing—one very important thing:

I use plain language, which is a writing style proven to help customers grasp information quickly and easily. I’ve studied this writing style for years. I wrote my Master’s thesis on it. I’ve even judged for national plain-language competitions. And in using plain language in your documentation, I’ll make sure that you communicate even your most complex business concepts to your customers clearly.

To find out how my extensive technical writing experience and plain writing style can benefit your users, or to request a free sample of my work, contact me to set up a free consultation.