Plain Language for Nonprofit Writers

Perhaps the two most important documents nonprofits write are your bylaws, which help the agency run smoothly and prevent lawsuits and internal strife, and grants, which fund your key projects. But did you know that if your bylaws or grants aren’t written clearly, they can thwart your best efforts to survive and thrive? Let us help you!

Through our workshops Shun the Shalls: Better Bylaws Using Plain Language, and Granted! Your Key to Successful Grant Proposals, we can train your writing team to write bylaws and grants that are clear, concise, and complete.

Shun the Shalls : Better Bylaws Using Plain Language

Whether church or charity, your nonprofit needs bylaws that explain your current beliefs, principles, and governing practices clearly and simply. Why? Because outdated, unworkable, incomprehensible bylaws expose your board and your organization to attacks by disgruntled members or staff, or even litigation. Protect yourself and your cause by training your bylaws team to use clear, easy-to-understand language.

In our workshop, Shun the Shalls: Better Bylaws Using Plain Language, your bylaws team will learn how to:

  • Manage the bylaws project from start to finish
  • Understand bylaws as both a legal and a unifying document
  • Overcome current strife and dissention in your organization by writing bylaws that solve existing problems and prevent new ones
  • Think critically about the purpose and audience of the bylaws before writing a word
  • Reduce or eliminate redundancies and contradictions in the text by organizing the bylaws document carefully
  • Earn the buy-in of your stakeholders, including members, staff, and governing bodies, with minimal resistance

Available as an in-person group training or individual coaching via telephone and web, Shun the Shalls: Better Bylaws Using Plain Language will guide your team from the pre-writing stage to the moment the stakeholders approve and embrace the final version.
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Still not convinced? Take a look at these samples from bylaws we’ve helped teams develop.

Granted! Your Key to Successful Grant Proposals

You’ve done the research. You know the grant maker’s ideal funding opportunity, and your agency is it. But there’s more to writing grants than just gathering numbers and facts. If the grant you submit doesn’t tell your story clearly and plainly, if it uses gobbledygook sales pitches instead of goal-oriented writing, will you get the funding? Not likely.

As the ultimate marketing tool for nonprofits, grants determine whether your organization’s projects fly or die. Is your grant writer up to the task?

Granted! Your Key to Successful Grant Proposals teaches grant writers to use concrete language, craft simple, elegant sentences, build topic-based paragraphs, and organize financial information and project plans clearly. In fact, this workshop will show your writers how clear, easy to understand language is a selling point in itself.

Available as either on-site group training or one-on-one coaching via telephone and web, Granted! Your Key to Successful Grant Proposals will help your grant writers:

  • Choose concrete words, craft plain-yet-elegant sentences, and build topic-based paragraphs
  • Organize financial and project information clearly and concisely
  • Eliminate marketing gobbledygook and meaningless buzzwords
  • Write shorter, more effective grant proposals that sell your nonprofit’s vision in less time

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